Alfa Romeo 939 Series Dial Cycler

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Project Description

From when I first got my hands on my MiTo I relished turning the ignition on and watching the speedo and rev counter cycle from their minimum to their maximum values. Whilst it was only a base level 1.4 NA variant of the car, the little gimmick made driving just a little more enjoyable.

In contrast, the Brera feels a lot more refined as a package, and much more subtle with it’s features and tweaks. A year into ownership of the Brera I never really thought about the ‘dial dance’ that the MiTo would do when I put the ignition on, until I chanced upon a video of someone gauge testing a 939 series cluster.

I’m aware that a solution does exist already that performs the function of startup of the car, however it requires wiring directly to the BCM unit – something that personally I’m not keen on doing as they’re impossible to return to stock after the mod is done. As such, I’ve gone through a little more effort than really necessary for a feature, using the provided OBD port only – no extra wiring or splicing required.

The project is a current work-in-progress as I’ve only recently been able to procure the parts required to perform the basic testing, however once completed and I’m happy with the features provided it will be available for purchase if the demand is present.

The design will require access to the OBD port on the vehicle, as such any permanently installed Bluetooth OBD readers will need to be removed for this to function.

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  • Programming Methodology and Languages Researcher

Clientele: Alfa Romeo 939 Series

Compatible Engines: 1.9, 2.0 & 2.4 JTDM, 1.9, 2.2JTS & 3.2JTS Engines

Compatible Cars: Alfa Romeo 159, Alfa Romeo Brera, Alfa Romeo Spider (939)

Release Date: TBC