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The Entire Idea

WorkingDesign is an amalgamation of my passion for creating, and my passion for doing. I’ve always had an interest of mechanics and working with my hands, and is a theme that has run through my family for quite some time – the domain name isn’t just because it would make sense.

As almost an homage to this, I thought I’d make a website to allow people to both look at, and obtain some of the designs that I’ve ended up making for production in the event that someone has the same issue as me.

Whilst I’m trained in electrical engineering, I’ve also got a background in manufacturing technology which has allowed me to progress through to designing and making my own products from start to finish.

The Starting Point

My original interest for design, both mechanical and aesthetical, started during my college years. My work placement a year prior led me away from wanting to focus on software and computing and instead took my interest for development and improvement into the design sector.

I was lucky enough to have a dedicated design & technology college near to me which is where the majority of my manufacturing experience was gained. I studied for two years and then furthered my understanding of design by studying for a further year taking into account metalwork, electronics, and product.

The Finish Line

During my further study, I began employment as a systems design engineer at a leading audio/acoustics company. I was given the opportunity for even further education into the electronics field, in which I grasped at. For this my product design, electrical design, and electrical engineering knowledge was expanded and built upon to bring me to where I am today. From the audio industry I then moved into product development, and have recently transferred into electronic engineering for a high-level motorsport championship.

My aims are solely focused on the here-and-now for demand; creating niche solutions for OEM sensor interfacing where not otherwise possible. With cars featuring more and more electronics, and some modules being nigh-on impossible to recreate or interface with, taking a step in the right direction with regards to repairability needs to begin somewhere – so why not now?