Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider Window Switch Repair

Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider Window Switch Repair


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We’ve all been there; it’s just started raining and you need to get the window up. You press the button and it decides not to do anything, or more commonly, decides to go down instead. There’s a couple of things that tend to go wrong with the switches, most of which can usually be repaired be it physical or electrical. I have schematics made up of the original internal PCBs of the window switches with component values and expected routings, as well as several window switches for reference measurements. This allows for in-depth diagnosis and like-for-like repair where necessary.

What’s The Plan?

After purchase, we’ll get in touch and provide a shipping address for you to send the window switch to us for repair. On assessment it may be required that further components are required; new buttons or electronic components – we will confirm the rough cost for removal and reinstallation of these, as well as the affect on turn-around-time. The price includes any minor electrical work that needs correcting; cold joints, broken interlinks, oxidised conductive pads. Any physical buttons required on the switch will be at extra cost as these are procured separately, or can be added at this stage if you know you’ll need them. Replacement switches are OEM Alfa ones, however will be used units so some use marks should be expected.

If water damage has occurred within the switch then it may not be effective to repair the existing PCB. I am able to supply drop-in PCB replacements which emulate and integrate with the existing connections to the car.


You will have to remove and refit the window switch from your vehicle. After reinstallation of the window switch it will be necessary to perform window reset procedures for both the passenger and drivers side window regulators.

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